11/11/13 12.2 WOD and Powerlifting Practice

I am so proud of myself! I rocked this WOD so hard! Honestly I wasn’t sure how well I’d do and while I had a frustrating moment, I did much better than I anticipated:

Workout 12.2

AMRAP – 10

75/ 45 pound Snatch, 30 reps <– Rx
135/ 75 pound Snatch, 30 reps <– Rx
165/ 100 pound Snatch, 30 reps <– Just can’t do 😦 switched to C&Js
210/ 120 pound Snatch, Max Rep

Variation: Ground to Overhead

Here’s how it went down:

Round 1 I did all 30 snatches unbroken!!! And in like under 2 min! I muscled most of them, too.

Round 2 Did 2-3 at a time before dropping the bar and finished this round by approximately 6:30!!!!

Round 3 I put the weight on and stared at the bar. I’ve never done 100# snatch. I made an attempt and it was dang heavy and didn’t go far at all. Waited. Tried again and got the bar maybe to my eyeballs but dropped it. I was SUPER frustrated but SO proud of myself for getting to that round so quickly! I then transitioned to Clean and Jerks.

So my score was 60 Snatch + 7 C&J @ 100#.

We did some Mobilizing after class and I somehow got roped into doing a splits challenge for the month of November… We’ll see if I get the splits by Dec 1. I’ve never EVER been flexible enough to do that (even as a child) so here’s to hoping.

Powerlifting Practice

I met up with Sammi after class to do some bench press work and was semi haphazard in our plan of attack. BUT I made it to 120#!! PR!!!! I was stoked to have gotten a really strong bench at 120#! I’m thinking that might be my last lift at the competition but we’ll see what coach Mandi says.


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