11/12/13 WOD

Last night was brutal – but in a healthy/good way that I want to do it again. I got completely wrecked by the WOD and all I could think of was how I wanted redemption on it!

For Time:
30 Muscle-ups<– Used the Ring Harness thing

Rest 2 minutes, then

1 Rope Climb (20′) <– 15′
1 Clean (255/ 155) <– 113#

So I totally overestimated my abilities for this WOD. Yes, doing muscle ups on the ring harness contraption made the MUs easy and I finished in 3:22 but even the fatigue I got from that kicked me in the rear end once I started my AMRAP.

I did my first climb and was surprised that I struggled a little. Shook it off and went to originally clean 135#. Couldn’t do it. Ok, just didn’t rest enough. Shake it out – try again – fail. I stripped the weight down to 113#… did that and it was kind of tough (wasted a ton of time, too). Was a little baffled and went back to the rope. Found myself really pulling hard to get up to the 15′ mark. Did my clean and headed back to the rope. Stood there for a little longer than before and then jumped on. I found myself resting at like 10′ and saying to myself “What are you doing?! You can’t rest on a rope! This is not a safe place!”, forced myself to do 1 more pull, and come down before resting again. Did my clean and then walked back to the rope and stared at it. Looked at the clock – had 1 min left. I could totally do 1 climb in 1 min. Jumped on the rope – jumped right off. DONE. My body was just done. I literally watched the 60 seconds tick by as I couldn’t do anything. I finished 3 rounds. Almost immediately after class I went up to coach Evan and said “I want to do this again! This was terrible but in a healthy way and I need more of this!” and he was REALLY happy to hear it. I know a bunch of others weren’t as excited to tackle this WOD a second time so they might hate that I ensured its return but I don’t care. I want another shot at it! I want 4 rounds!!

We did Tabata kettlebell swings after class and I was surprised at how exhausting that was. My forearms/grip were spent! I definitely left class feeling challenged!


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