Powerlifting Practice: In a Singlet.

Last night I met with coach Mandi, Sammi, and another lifter to practice our back squat and bench press lifts for the competition…IN OUR SINGLETS! I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen a singlet or even had the thought of putting one on and wearing it in public but it’s difficult. Those things leave nothing to the imagination, are not flattering at all, and remind everyone of old time swimsuits. Sexy. Mine in particular is not normal. Traditionally the singlets are 1 color – normally black or blue or red – mine is black with unicorns on it (I’m 5 years old). When I first bought it I thought “OMG how cool is this??!” and was so excited to have such a ‘cool’ singlet. Then as it arrived at my house reality set in: I have to wear it in public. And not just in front of friends who understand I’m special. Immediately I got self conscious and started dreading the Powerlifting Meet. I’d be up on stage alone for 3 judges and everyone else to see me. To add a little more excitement to the situation, I also have blue/purple hair right now (I’m going through a phase – don’t judge me!) that I didn’t anticipate having… so now I REALLY stand out.

Thankfully I wasn’t alone in my singlet wearing. Well I was alone in my Unicorn singlet wearing but at least I wasn’t the only one in a singlet at the gym last night. I felt much more confident knowing I had other people who felt the same way.

Intimidation is key

Intimidation is key

Once we got the initial embarrassment out of the way we felt better and everyone actually liked my unicorn singlet πŸ™‚

Struttin' my stuff

Struttin’ my stuff. Unicorns are slimming.

Then it was time to get down to business! Note: Singlets are actually super comfy!

Here are my back squat weights for the competition:

Opening Lift: 67.5 Kg

Second Lift: 75Kg

Final Lift: 80Kg (~176#)

Here are my bench press weights for the competition:

Opening Lift: 47.5Kg

Second Lift: 52.5Kg

Final Lift: 55Kg (~120#)

Lastly, here are my dead lift weights for the competition:

Opening Lift: 122.5Kg

Second Lift: 130Kg

Final Lift: 137.5Kg (~302#)

I’m nervous but excited for the competition! It’s almost a week away!! I want to work on my dead lift tomorrow just to feel super confident with it and then I’ll taper off next week to rest up. SO.NERVOUS!!!

Do you like my singlet? πŸ˜›


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6 Responses to Powerlifting Practice: In a Singlet.

  1. nicolemkurz says:

    I heart your slinglet. Own it girl.

  2. deirdre says:

    where did you get that singlet?!

  3. Devon says:

    Is it possible to have them make this same one, even though I am assuming you customized it??

    • zimzimmie1 says:

      Probably – I’m not sure if they save custom order files but you can email them and ask to have the Unicorn Singlet Sara S. ordered remade?? A suggestion πŸ™‚ If not, take the photo from my previous post with the preview and resend it to them. They sent me that draft initially.

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