Olympic lifting Class 6

This morning, despite a cold coming on, I headed to Crossfit diesel for lifting class. I haven’t worked out in 2 days so I was definitely aching to move but I could tell I wasn’t feeling 100%.

We warmed up with 20 toes to bar, pull ups, and ring dips before some plyometric hopping and about a 1 mile run.

I worked on the same lifts as last week:
Back squat up to 75Kg
Snatch push press up to 35Kg
Overhead squat up to 35Kg
Power snatch up to 35kg

I feel like it’s finally getting easier for me and all of the tips coach Anthony is giving me is sinking in! I worked on my own again which was actually fine because I could keep a fast pace. I finished around 8:30am and then had to do 60 weighted sit ups with a 5kg plate behind my head. I could only do sets of 10. It was tough!! But I felt like I used the time more efficiently before heading home.

I definitely have a small cold going on. I’m feeling super drained. But I’m drinking as many fluids as possible so I recover by next weekend’s powerlifting competition! I can’t be sick for that!! I blame going out in public and the sudden weather change on my cold. 😦 Guess I will be resting a lot next week!


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