11/18/13 Fran [Benchmark WOD]

Last night was EPIC!!! I thought I was going to die but only in the most epic way – death by Fran. Last time I did Fran was in January and I used a band for pull ups and finished in 9:44. Last night was my first time doing Fran Rx!!!

“Fran” – 21-15-9

Thrusters (95/65) <– Rx!

Pull-ups <– Rx!

We went in 2 heats because there were a lot of people. We split up by time (people under 9min and people over 9min) to complete the WOD. Since assisted it took me almost 10min last time I wasn’t feeling confident and decided to go in the slower group. It allowed me to partner up with my friend, Eddie, who ROCKED Fran last night in under 5min!

Then it was my turn. Eddie was great with counting and helping me not rest too long. I did all 21 thrusters unbroken! (surprised myself actually) Then it was pull up time. I can’t string too many pull ups together so every time I have more than 10 to do, it becomes a mini chipper. There was a woman next to me doing her pull ups and had coach Tyler counting for her. Well I kept hearing him tell her to do 3 more and I felt like she was catching up to me so every time she started doing more, I  jumped on the bar and did the number of pull ups Eddie was telling me to do. It made me pretty p*ssed actually to hear him counting her up to catch up to me! I made my lead fair and square and there was no way she was going to take it from me! I managed to finish without dying in 7:06!!! Hello, PR!!! Almost a 3min PR!!!

I am so proud of myself! I can’t believe I did Fran Rx’ed in 7:06!

So after class as we were stripping the bars and stuff I saw Tyler and I said “Hey! Your counting next to me really p*ssed me off!” (in a light hearted way – not a mean way!) and you aren’t going to believe his response. “Yeah, I know. I did it on purpose” *grin*

Only in Crossfit do your friends recognize your potential and learn how to best motivate you to do your best while also encouraging everyone else to do their best. I ❤ Crossfit!

Proof I went fairly gung-ho on my pull ups: I gripped so hard on the bar that I busted a vein/bruised my finger AND got a huge blood blister despite taping my hands…

blood blister

bruised finger


All in all I had a great night! My next goal is to get a 6min Fran 🙂 I will get my time down – 1 min at a time!


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