11/23/13 USAPL MD State Powerlifting Championship Competition

Saturday was my first ever Powerlifting Competition!!! I was so nervous and excited! I’d been practicing for about a month or 2 but still didn’t quite know what to expect. So for those who are considering doing a Powerlifting Competition (and I highly recommend it) here’s how the day went:

7:00am I arrived at the gym to check in

7:15am Weigh ins began. I was REALLY worried I would be over my weight class weight since I hadn’t been working out all week! But thankfully nerves before I arrived helped me out 😉 We went in the lady’s room 3 at a time for weigh in. We had to show our USAPL membership card, ID, weight belt (to make sure it was legal), and then we were fully expected to weigh-in in only underwear – to begin with! If necessary we could strip completely naked! And to think weighing in at Weight Watchers was a strip show! Thankfully I was under the max weight!

8:30am Rules Briefing for athletes. We almost missed it but caught the tail end of the rules. We were then notified we’d go in the second flight since the first flight was women up to 132#.

My name! On a list!

My name! On a list! Spelled wrong! 😉

I forget what time it was after this since I just had to watch people lift before warming up, but it was finally time to head to the warm up area and do some ramping. Our coach for the day, Susan (a pro!), had all of the warm up weights listed for us and then we were instructed to go grab a seat by the lifting area and wait for our turn. Finally it was lifting time!

I did my first back squat (67.5Kg)- Good Lift! I did my second back squat (75Kg)- Good Lift! I did my third squat (80Kg)- No Lift! 😦 I moved my foot after I was instructed to squat and that was a no-no 😦 so sad.

Be jealous of my sweat stains

Be jealous of my sweat stains

Then we waited for the rest of the people to do their back squat. After that was done, there was a 10min pause to adjust the rack for bench press. Again we were in the second flight but were first up since we really didn’t lift all that much compared to the other women.

I did my first bench (47.5Kg)- Good Lift! I did my second bench (52.5Kg)- Good Lift! I did my third bench (55Kg)- Good lift! I did great with my bench press! Learned my lesson about moving! I was feeling good, too! All of my lifts felt easy! YAY ADRENALINE! We were instructed to go take a nap at this point but it was cold outside so napping in my car wasn’t going to happen. I went to Starbucks for a green tea frap and some quiet with my friend, Amy, for about half an hour before going back to the gym.

Then it was DEADLIFT TIME! My favorite time of the day! I warmed up and everything felt so light but I was still worried about my final lift since I hadn’t hit it before or hit 300# a second time in practice. So we got seated and the butterflies in my stomach were going wild! I did my first lift (122.5Kg)- Good Lift! I did my second lift (130Kg) – Good Lift! I did my third and final lift of the day (137.5Kg)- GOOD LIFT!!! I DID IT!! I HIT 303.1Lbs!!!!!!!! I was SO HAPPY!!!!! My friend, Sammi, also PRed on the deadlift!! And it looked SO EASY! She’s going to be so deadly once she gets her deadlift up (no pun intended) since her squat is monstrous!

303.1Lb Deadlift PR!

303.1Lb Deadlift PR!

Since there were 5 or 6 people in my weight class and things were moving quickly we decided to stay for the results. I ended up beating out my friend by 2Kg points and winning THIRD PLACE!!!!! medal sara medal

Here I am receiving my award – I made the owner of the gym put the medal on me 😉 because that’s how I roll when I win a medal LOL!

I had such a great day!! It was a pretty long day, though. We finished around 5-6pm once everything was said and done and I was really hungry even though I felt like I had eaten a lot. We had a winner’s dinner at a Japanese Hibatchi steak house/grill and it was glorious (Winners eat steak!) and then I was ready for bed! All in all a great experience and I can’t wait to get stronger and compete in the next Powerlifting Competition!


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