Make the Husbands Pay! [Starting Week]

Per my post about a December to Remember I wanted to give a little update on starting stats and how things are going.

I weighed in on Tuesday at my house and Thursday at WeightWatchers. Both were only off by 0.2# so I’m going to say things are fairly accurate with what my weight is this week. For the start of this challenge I weigh 163.8#. 5 pounds less, or my goal weight for this challenge, is 158.8#.

So far things are going rather well. I have resisted the urge to go out for sushi, I have made sure the house is stocked with healthy foods, and I have made sure to cook dinner/eat in every day. I can’t say the urges to get sushi or not cook aren’t strong. After a rough couple of days at work I’ve been really tempted to have a large glass of wine and slack on cooking a healthy meal – but the thought of losing 5# has actually been strong enough to keep me on track. At this point 5# > any food/treat/drink because 1. I really want to lose 5# 2. I don’t want to let my team down and 3. 5# isn’t something I can drop in a week – I actually have to work at it over a few week’s time so any backtracking will prevent it from happening. I know myself well enough that foods like sushi cannot be eaten in much moderation. I know that if I have 1 drink, it’ll turn into 3 and I will not make good food choices. I know how much even 1 drink can affect weight loss so I am not going to tempt the weight loss gods!

Next weekend is going to be a challenge for me. Saturday is Crossfit Diesel’s Holiday Party and Sunday is Christmas with my parents. While the parties at the gym are generally 10 times healthier than most parties, it’s still a party. There is still the opportunity to over eat. And while I love Christmas dinner with my family, it’s typically full of traditional dinner items that are not at all helpful to weight loss. Granted, if I only eat 1 serving, I should be ok – just like Thanksgiving – but I can’t help but still worry what my choices that day will be like.

Aside from those 2 events next weekend, I will probably have 1 more Christmas event to get through – GA Christmas with everyone. This day usually starts around 1pm and snacks are laid out the whole day. After we do our gift exchange we have a traditional menu of chicken noodle soup, mashed potatoes (in true tradition you use the potatoes as a bowl for your soup), and many other sides. Soup really isn’t all that unhealthy but it’s the snacking I do all day on cookies and treats that gets me. Honestly I get anxious about talking to everyone and at times I’m plain bored so I tend to occupy myself with snacks. The incentive to lose weight this year will more than likely keep me far from the unhealthy snacks and closer to the veggie tray but I know it will still be a bit of a challenge for me.

So what am I going to do about these challenges?

I’m making a party/Christmas dinner plan in advance. Thanks to technology, there is a function on the WeightWatchers Mobile app that allows you to “Snap and track”. You take a photo of your plate and then track the point value of it later. I will definitely be snap tracking! It will keep me from over eating because I will be able to hold myself accountable more – ‘3 plates, Sara? I think it’s time to stop’ vs not knowing how many platefuls I’ve had. I will also use the routine of the month to pack a healthy snack in my purse as an emergency and to wait before getting another serving. My third routine is to ensure I have fruit or veggies with every meal – another tactic I’ll be using. Basically if I make sure to snap track and follow all 3 monthly routines, I should be able to tackle my holiday events without over doing it or having any guilt about how much or what I ate.

How’s your December going so far?


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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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