12/7/13 WOD

Since the Olympic Lifting class was rescheduled I finally was able to go to the regular 9am WOD. Not many people showed up but that was ok. I kind of like the smaller classes.

For Time:

1000 M Row <– Rx

200 Double-Under <– Rx

50 Pull-Ups <– Rx

I was a little intimidated at first when I saw the numbers on this WOD but since it was only 1 round I figured I could do it. The row took me a little over 4min to complete and the double unders were no joke. I got about 50 unbroken before I needed to rest. Once I got through the first 100 double unders I had to do 10 at a time as my shoulders and forearms were getting pretty tired. Going from DUs to Pull ups was TOUGH! I honestly couldn’t do more than 1 at a time. I just chipped at them and finally I was done with all 50 in 16:09.

I’m officially pooped. We did Tabata goblet squats for the after party and I was not thrilled but I still did 6 each round. As if rowing and double unders weren’t enough for my poor legs. But our coach said since the WOD was so similar to Jackie minus the squats that we should do them… :/ Thanks, coach.


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