12/10/13 Snow Day WOD

The second wave of snow hit us yesterday causing the gym to be closed! ACK! What was I going to do?!? I NEED THE GYM!!! So I took a sedative deep breath and started brainstorming at home/Travel WODs I could do. The gym posted a Travel WOD link to get some inspiration from and I decided to do a modified “Angie” during The Biggest Loser. I just eliminated the pull ups and honestly didn’t pressure myself to finish as fast as I could, I just simply did it:

100 push ups

100 sit ups

100 squats

Even without pushing super hard to finish quickly I felt it! The house felt really hot (I don’t exactly keep the thermostat at gym temp. Gym Temp = lower than normal) and my heart rate was up a bit. Earlier that evening I took the dogs on a 2 mile walk. I thought it’d be a great time for me and the dogs until I hit about halfway through the loop and the sidewalks got icy. Then the sun started setting and everything started freezing! Add 2 medium sized/excited to be out dogs and usually I’m on my butt more than I’d like to admit. Thankfully I didn’t fall last night but I had a few moments where it came close! Thanks, neighbors who didn’t think shoveling was a priority dogs. *sigh*

I feel good that I still got in some activity despite the gym being closed! It also helped me feel less cabin-feverish since I didn’t get to leave the house yesterday. It proved to me that I can find a way to get in a good workout/activity without a gym – Need to remember this while I’m in GA in a couple of weeks!!


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