12/12/13 WOD

I ❤ Heavy lifting days! Yesterday was no exception minus the fact that I couldn’t concentrate very well for some reason. My mind kept wandering and getting in the way of my lifts. Oh well – every day can’t be your best, right?

Weightlifting Total

find 1-RM Snatch
then Find 1-RM Clean & Jerk

After some snatch warm ups we started ramping. I tried to ramp slowly so I could PR and it definitely worked! I successfully hit 103# TRIPLE DIGITS!!! I might’ve gotten 108# had I even attempted to squat snatch it but I just was too in my head for it to happen last night.

Then we moved on to C&J and I did not PR but I was pleased with my effort. I got up to 138# before the head games started and I just couldn’t get my elbows to move fast enough. My squat clean, however, is getting pretty nice – imo.

Either way I enjoyed the lifting 🙂 It’s probably my favorite part of Crossfit now a days and forever.

Other than that – this month has continued to be mentally tough on me. I feel like I’m extra sensitive lately and every day around 2-4pm I get really down on myself and my healthy lifestyle efforts. Thankfully once work is over and I’ve walked the dogs and left for the gym my attitude tends to brighten, but it’s really been a weird struggle. I know from past years that Winter is just not my season (cold, dark days and tons of layers just to walk to the car) but this year I seem to notice it more. Maybe because I’m not in denial/coping with food? *shrugs* Either way, while I might be extra whiny this month I’m proud I am getting through it without completely disregarding my healthy eating efforts. I am making a change – Progress, not Perfection!

Does anyone else have this issue around the holidays/winter?


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