12/22/13 Crossfit Kennesaw WOD

Yesterday I visited a new box in GA – Crossfit Kennesaw. They were the only gym near my inlaws’ house that had a Sunday morning class that wouldn’t interfere with my family Christmas luncheon at 1pm. It was a longer drive, but I enjoy checking out new boxes and meeting new people for the sake of fitness.crossfit kennesaw

I arrived 15min before 10am and no one was there. I was a little worried but thankfully the coach arrived shortly after. Only 2 other guys showed up before we got started on the WOD:

Hang Power Snatch + Power Snatch (from ground) 3 x 1 +1 @ 60-70% <– 63#

Hang Snatch + Snatch 3 x 1 + 1 @ 75-85% <– 73#


Buy In: Row x 1000m <– Rx (~4min)

3 RFT KB Thruster (35#) x 16 <– Rx 

Ring Rows x 20 <– Rx

Sit-ups x 24 <– Rx

Cash Out: DU’s x 150 <– Rx

Being the only girl in class gave me a little bit of a drive to move faster to keep up with the guys. I’m fairly convinced all men are naturally better at rowing than women so I was last off of the rower but in round 2 of the metcon, caught up to one of the guys. Then I went 50 DUs unbroken and caught the coach’s attention a little lol! Me and my crappy little jump rope schooled the boys a bit 😉 I finished in 17:54 and felt great. Those dang thrusters were rough, like usual, and were the 1 thing really slowing me down. I left with a cool t-shirt and a few new friends. I’m not sure if I’ll be revisiting the rest of the week since that box is so far away but it’s nice to know I have another gym to visit when in GA.


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2 Responses to 12/22/13 Crossfit Kennesaw WOD

  1. Lil Mama says:

    Being bigger/taller definitely gives you an edge with rowing-when your bigger, you have more power behind your pull, and when our taller, you can get a LONGER pull. For little, 5’2″ and 120 lb girls like me..yeah. not fun. lol but great job on the DUs!

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