12/26/13 WOD and Deadlift Practice

Back to the gym after Christmas!!! This definitely wasn’t my favorite WOD but it did go faster than I expected thankfully:

Four sets of:
Front Racked Alternating Reverse Lunges x 8-10 reps each leg <– 45# bar
Rest 90 seconds
Weighted Pull-Ups x 4-6 reps <– did strict unweighted pull ups
Rest 90 seconds

For time:
40 Wall Ball Shots <– 14#
20 Pull-Ups <– Rx
30 Wall Ball Shots
15 Pull-Ups
20 Wall Ball Shots
10 Pull-Ups
10 Wall Ball Shots
5 Pull-Ups

I was so thankful we did the bulk of the wall balls in the beginning of the WOD! Once I got through the first big round of wall ball and pull ups it wasn’t so bad and I actually went through the WOD faster than I thought I would. I still finished kind of slow at 11:13 but I blame that on my lack of pull up station prep. I had a station but it really wasn’t what I wanted and I ended up playing musical bars each round.

After the WOD I took some time to do some deadlift practice on my own. I did:

10 X bar

5 X 135

3 X 185

3 X 215

3 X 245

3 X 260

2 sets of 4 X 275

The last 3 sets were HARD! I used my new crossfit weight belt and while it was supportive it wasn’t as supportive as a leather power lifting belt would’ve been. I also probably shouldn’t have done this after the WOD but oh well. I can’t believe how quickly this week is going and I’m finally over my stinkin’ cold! I’m not sure if tomorrow is going to be my last day to WOD so I’m going to go at 8am just in case it is.


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