Back in MD

I’m back in MD! Have been for a few days, actually, but I’ve been soaking up doing absolutely NOTHING and loving it. Yesterday I got antsy and felt gross because I haven’t worked out since last Friday, but otherwise been enjoying some days to sit and watch TV. This morning, however, I logged back onto work (I work from home full time) and went to Weight Watchers. I haven’t been in 2 weeks due to the holidays so I was really nervous about how much I gained – I knew I didn’t lose! And since I never actually did an official weigh in for my December Challenge with my MIL I didn’t really ever earn my manicure that I got anyway despite what the scale would’ve said. But today’s weigh in proved something to me: I CAN indulge and not erase all of my hard work. 

Last year I gained like 3# and lost it rather quickly but gaining that much always is scary to me. It’s discouraging and it is always so tough to re-lose. I knew I had to face the scale, though, if I wanted to make any progress so I went to WW and decided I’d take whatever it said and move on. I gained 1.4#. Yes, it’s a gain but do you realize that I didn’t even gain 2# over the holidays?! Do you realize I MAINTAINED my weight for December?! Do you realize how awesome that is?! I felt SO much more in control for most of my visit to GA because I snap tracked like I said I would, I went in search for Power foods/fruits/veggies, and I stuck to my Crossfit plan of attack. Not only that, my husband and I solely kept Subways in business while driving to and from GA which helped keep me on track immensely. Eat fresh!

Things I want to improve on for Christmas 2014:

* Continuing to snap track ON Christmas day even if I decide to take the day off

* Make a better/bigger effort to track in general

* Plan meals for the day AFTER being off so getting back on track is easier for me

I am SO proud of myself this year! And it was just what I needed to have happen for me since this week has been kind of overwhelming and emotional getting back to reality and dealing with my dog injuring herself while in GA (vet is thinking it’s a torn ACL which will require surgery and lots of $$). Seeing my dog hurt and forcing her to rest has been really tough on me (probably more than on her, honestly) and between figuring out how to finance a very expensive surgery on top of recovering from Christmas and a new water heater without endorphins from Crossfit this past week has made me kind of unstable. Going to WW at least got me mentally feeling stronger and going to Crossfit tonight will give me the butt kicking I need to physically feel better.

I also want to bring up the elephant in the room – New Year Resolutions. I know it’s on everyone’s mind this month as we start the new year so I guess I’ll share some of my thoughts. This year I don’t really have any NEW resolutions. I resolve to lose 10# this year and get back to my goal weight but that’s nothing new for me. I also resolve to care less about what other people think of me. I’m very competitive and a people pleaser and lately I’ve felt the need for approval from people at Crossfit that really I shouldn’t be caring about getting approval from. So this year I resolve to do my own thing more and care less what others think of my progress. Lastly, I resolve to paint more.  My MIL, SIL, and future SIL took me to a place called “Corks and Canvases” while in GA. You can bring food/wine while someone leads the class in how to paint a specific painting of the night. I’ve never actually painted before (aside from when I was a child) so I figured I was going to suck pretty bad. But I was shocked at how well my painting turned out – and what shocked me more was how when I decided to stop following directions to paint it perfectly, I had more fun and it came out better! Since then all I’ve wanted to do is paint – specifically funny dog portraits. I think it’s hilarious to take a semi realistic dog portrait and then dress the dog up to exaggerate their personality. I can’t make it look anywhere near realistic, but I still want to paint these pictures. It’s a resolution because I don’t have any indoor hobbies. I have tried in the past to sew, knit, crochet, read, and the list goes on and none have stuck. So I’m going to give painting a shot. My goal is to make a funny dog portrait of everyone’s dog in my family for Christmas next year before I can quit painting. I already did some sketches in pen so all I have to do next is get supplies and start actually painting. And even if they come out hideous and no one really likes my art work at least I can say I fulfilled my resolution to try.

I do also have a few other goals with Crossfit but I don’t consider them Resolutions which is why I didn’t mention them above. I’ll touch on them as the year goes on – but to satiate your curiosity I’ll share a couple Crossfit Goals for 2014:

* Dead lift 350#

* Back squat 200#

* Improve my body weight gymnastics/movements by forcing myself to use less assistance in WODs (push ups, handstands, pull ups, ring dips)

* Clean (squat or Power) my body weight

Do you make New Year Resolutions? If so, I’d love to hear what they are!



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2 Responses to Back in MD

  1. Lil Mama says:

    I added them to my goals page on my blog but…deadlift 250#, back squat 185#, front squat 150#, anndd THE MUSCLE UP. my goal is to do it by my daughters first birthday…

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