1/4/14 WOD

Even though my whole body had now been thoroughly punished with this week’s WODs I went to the gym Saturday morning so I could workout with some of my awesome lady friends. The WOD looked simple enough:


3 Push-Press (135/ 95) <– 83#
6 Hanging Power Clean (135/ 95) <– 83#
9 Wallball (20/ 14) <– 10#

It wasn’t simple. I dare anyone to try this WOD who is thinking “That doesn’t look bad at all!” The only good part was that mentally I could force myself to go unbroken on each little set but OMG it was deceivingly rough! I went lighter because of how sore I was and thankfully we went in 2 heats so I had an extra 15min to wake up. After 15 long minutes I managed to score 9 + 3 rounds. I didn’t no-rep myself for any missed wall balls – I had 0 patience – so if I had been at a competition I would’ve had a lower score. Meh. Whatever. 😛

I think moving on Saturday helped a little bit with my soreness but really I’ve been so sore all that seems to help is resting. Which is exactly what I did the rest of Saturday and today. That’s right – I’m a lazy bum this weekend and I don’t care 😛

Update on Whole Life Challenge: My Gym is officially doing this, however, after talking to my husband about it and noticing the price of $49 for registration when I already pay $47/mo for Weight Watchers I decided I’m not going to do it officially. Instead I’m going to shadow the gym with my own challenge but I’m going to still follow all of the rules of WLC. I’m going to log my nutrition and my goal is to eat only Power Foods and follow the Simply Filling Technique (this is instead of the paleo version of WLC), I’m going to give myself points for working out, mobilizing, taking a supplement, a lifestyle point (getting in all of my Good Health Guidelines like 5 servings of fruit/veggies, 6 glasses of water, 2 servings of dairy), and the ability to earn the Reflection bonus points.

I will do starting measurements (waist and hips) and I will do the Fitness Test (aka WOD) that my gym picks on day 1 and day 55/56. In addition to this I’ll be weighing in weekly at Weight Watchers and using their 12 week tracker to hold myself accountable of all of these things. A friend of mine at my Weight Watcher’s meeting has agreed to do the same challenge with me so we can keep each other on track. The only difference is we will start Thursday January 9th and end March 6th which is our meeting/weigh in day so it doesn’t conflict with our current schedules.

I encourage anyone who is interested in WLC to do it! Like I mentioned the other day, it does yield results! And I can’t wait to actually sort of participate with my gym 🙂 I’m going to get this year started off RIGHT!


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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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