1/8/14 WOD

Backsquat Wednesdays are back. Last night’s WOD was for speed work and then open gym and I think I missed the point a little since I tried to push myself to go as heavy as I could for 8 reps when I probably should’ve just stuck to what I did last time when I got up to 70Kg.

For speed and load
Back Squat
5x (8-8)

This time I tried to get to 75Kg for 8 reps. I did 70Kg slowly and not as well as I had hoped and my feet started to cramp up. I waited a bit before attempting what at the time I thought was 72.5Kg (later found out I can’t do math and it was 75Kg after all) and could only get 5 before I said “nope, just not happening today” because my form was going to crap and my legs felt too jello-y to trust. So my score was 70Kg and 75Kg for 5.

In Open gym I did a 1000m row with a friend, asked about what I need to improve on to actually get close to getting a muscle up one day, and my free-standing handstands of which I got 2 really good ones!! 😀 One day when I feel more confident about kicking up into a handstand I will then attempt handstand walking! #dreams


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