MY WLC Challenge: week 1

The first week of any nutrition challenge is easy. Enthusiasm and motivation are high, the house is stocked full of good food, and tracking is something I look forward to. But I’ve been at this starting point many times before (this isn’t my first rodeo) and while my resolve to say no to temptation is super high I still encountered some issues even on week 1.

Days 1-3 were a breeze. Like so easy I hardly had to think about it. Then day 4 hit. It stared off well and then I stood in a long line at Starbucks for my skinny latte and stared at the baked treats in the case. I half considered buying something but convinced myself the latte would satiate me. Finally I got my latte and it was glorious! Then my temptation was really tested. I went to a friend’s house for a potluck/clothing swap and I was faced with cookies, pastries, and donuts! I tried to involve myself with the actual swap but I didn’t want more clothes – I had just dropped some off so I could have more room, not to replace things. So I ended up standing in the room without clothes but with all of the food! I honestly don’t know how I managed it but I only ate some apple slices and then had some apple cider I completely forgot wasn’t a power food (this is what pressure does to me. I forget things like how juices aren’t power foods) but that was all I consumed before I made the choice to go home. While I was there I also felt very insecure. People were openly trying on the clothes and without any prompting I caught myself comparing bodies.

Did I look like her? Why didn’t my old shirt look that good on me? Why don’t I look like a model in the mirror?- I mean I have been on track for 3 days, shouldn’t it show already? Ugh why did I try that shirt on?

I got into a really negative place. I made myself feel crappy without a word and ruined the fun of the whole swap in under an hour. It was only when I felt like I got deeper into my negative thoughts did I finally decide I should just go home. While I eventually started to get my confidence back, it took me almost all evening to really get over it. It really made me reflect on how my negative thoughts affect me. It was also hard for me to see my clothes on other people. It turned out a few of the things I brought were more sentimental than I initially thought they were and parting with them was hard. Plus seeing people wear my clothes better than I did also was a blow to my self esteem.

Then the cravings began.

I ate all power foods the rest of the day but I never seemed to stay satisfied for long. I kept watching my husband eat his snacks of Butterfinger pretzels, tortilla chips and salsa, fruit snacks, and beer. I was feeling sorry for myself and those crappy treats were calling to me saying how they’d cheer me up. I persevered, I wrote this post, I chatted with a friend, and finally got through the day to bed time.

Thankfully Day 5 got off to a much better start. I felt proud of my resolve on day 4 and a lot of the negative thoughts were finally gone. It also felt great knowing there were only a couple more days until Week 1 was officially on the books! Then Day 7 was a little weird.

I made a normal dinner and then my stomach felt kind of iffy. I felt like I had eaten a truck full of food when I hadn’t.  My stomach hurt all night, too, and I woke up feeling off.  I did learn this week, however, I’m suffering from over training. My back has been getting tight REALLY easily and at first I just thought it was my form – but when I needed a weight belt to lift 55# (something that is normally VERY easy for me) I knew something was wrong. SO I’m resting from heavy and almost all weight lifting right now. Mentally it’s been hard for me to rest, it always is, but physically I can tell my body feels wonky.

I’m not sure what’s up with my body right now so after I had kind of a traumatic weigh in (I’ll get to that in a minute) my leader suggested I go get a physical and have my thyroid checked out. It’s been at least a decade since I’ve had a general physical so I’m due. I tried making an appointment with my general doctor but she is booked until May! Sorry but 4 months from now things could drastically change and I want a physical NOW! So I’m going to go to the Target Clinic. They have been just as helpful in the past so I trust them to do a general physical on me. Even a non medical professional could do a physical, imo. I’ll update later how that goes and if that has contributed to any of my lack of weight loss issues. So now for the stats you’ve been waiting for:

Points Earned: 66/77

Bonus Points Earned: 2

Weight: 167.6

Yeah. A BIG gain. A greatly unexpected big gain! Definitely not what I expected and the shock/frustration/anger set me off at the scale. AKA- I cried. But once I took another deeper look at my food journal with my leader and calmed down I felt better going into this next week. Especially with the notion of getting a Dr to look at me and tracking a few of my Grey Area Power Foods as 100% non power foods just to be 100% accurate this week. I’m not going to let this stop me from my personal 8 week Whole Life challenge (heck, let’s be honest – it’s a life long journey) and instead I’m going to use it to fuel me into next week!

We learn the most, in my opinion, from the less successful weeks than the weeks we breeze through. granted I love those weeks, too. 😉 

ONWARD to Week 2!


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