1/17/14 11.4 and Physical

I did another WOD last night and still avoided lifting weights and I felt awesome! I am starting to be really thankful that I’m taking the week off from weight lifting though. I just want to be extra safe about my back.

Games Open 11.4
60 Bar-facing burpees <– Rx
30 Overhead squats (120 / 90#) <– PVC (aka 0#)
10 Muscle-ups <– thin purple band for 10 C2B and 10 Ring Dips

Last time I did this I did a MU modification and 65# OHS with a score of 91 reps. Well I can tell you using a PVC pipe those OHS go really fast and unbroken! I finished all of the 100 reps and then went back to burpees for a final score of 106 reps. I felt simultaneously super awesome for being fast and sad I couldn’t try and improve my previous score. But oh well – my back felt great and I could work on my burpee speed which is still slow lol!

After class we worked on our free standing handstands and I held 1 for a millisecond longer than last time! One day I’ll get it!

Physical Drama

OMG yesterday was nuts in terms of getting a darn physical. I drove to Target Clinic only to get told they only do kid’s physicals and they couldn’t help me. They suggested I call my OB/GYN (since my primary Dr was booked until May) and see if she could do it or to try Patient First. On my way out I stopped and got a latte while driving home and called my OB/GYN. She’s booked until April/May! UGH! So then, since it was on the way, I stopped in at Patient First. They said yes they would give me a physical! So I signed in and waited and then got told that because I drank my latte they couldn’t do it. GAH!!!!!!! I was so annoyed! They told me I can’t have any food or drink in my system, not even coffee, and to come back the next day.

So that’s what I did.

Can I just tell  you how confused Dr.’s are when you say you’re feeling fine and just want a check up? It’s like they don’t know what to do. So they took blood, urine, and ran an eye and crappy hearing test and asked me a ton of questions. Apparently for a 30 year old female, the only testing I need is a PAP smear. Thankfully that wasn’t done there!

I then asked about my weight and if my weight lifting/power lifting was affecting my weight. You wanna know what he told me? All he did was see my weight that was taken from the receptionist and my BMI and said flatly I am overweight and gave me a print out about how to be healthy/lose weight. …I swear. I really don’t think he understood me when I said I lift weights (I’m a woman so I doubt he thought I lifted more than 25#)- nor did he ask more details – and just told me to do Weight Watchers and workout 5 times a week. Soooooooo that was pointless. Sigh. Whatever. I guess what I can take from the whole experience is that I am healthy and nothing is inhibiting my weight loss medically.

So many times we hear Dr.’s say to get preventative care and be seen by a Dr. regularly and here I was doing that and I felt like I confused them as to what I was doing there. I’m not sure if it was worth all the struggle I went through to even get checked out but I do think I’m going to ask my OB/GYN more questions at my annual appointment that I’ll need anyway since I see her more than any Dr. I’m not fishing for the OK to stop trying to lose weight but I do want to know if weight lifting (in the degree I am doing) is affecting how I metabolize, my weight, and my body composition which could make weight loss slower. It could just be as simple as the Dr today made it – I’m overweight. But I’d like someone to just take a closer look at what I do and my body and give me a deeper analysis. And looking at my BMI/weight only is not what I consider a deeper look. I can go online and do that myself! I am feeling a bit lost at this point… so we’ll see what happens in April/May.


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