1/20/14 WOD and Bench Press Practice

After 2 incredibly lazy days I was more than ready to get back in the gym. Even if it meant not lifting.




60 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups <– Regular Pull ups

~Rest 2 Minutes, then


5 Hang Power Clean (165/ 100) <– 45# empty bar

20 Double-Under <– Rx

This WOD in December was slightly different for the AMRAP but the first pull up portion was the same. I finished the pull ups slightly faster this time in 4:58! That’s almost a full minute faster! And for the AMRAP I completed 6 rounds with the empty barbell and my new rope that whipped me pretty hard until my coordination got in a groove.

My back has been feeling awesome so I’m hoping when I test it out on Wednesday I continue to feel awesome 🙂 After class we worked on a muscle up transition skill before I worked on my bench press with Susan.

Bench Press

This time we made 10# jumps in weight:

bar – 5

65 – 10

75 – 8

85 – 6

95 – 4

110 – 2

120 – 1

I think that’s what we did but I don’t remember now…I hate when I don’t write things down. But the good thing was 120# (the weight I did at the last Powerlifting meet) was easy! New 1 rep max on the bench press coming right up!!! 😉

Since it is scheduled to snow 4-10″ today the Federal Gov’t is closed so I won’t get to workout tonight but it’ll force me to rest one more day before I try lifting more than the barbell on Wednesday after having had a week off of lifting. SO excited to get back into it (no pun intended)!!!


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