1/23/14 WOD

I’m BACK! (pun intended) Last night I did my first WOD without a back brace and WITH weight on the barbell. I didn’t go Rx just so I didn’t rush into it and because I had no idea how well it would go but I felt AWESOME with the weight I chose! My back feels FINE!!! You have no idea how awesome that is for me!



Hanging Power Snatch (115/ 75) <– 52#

Box Jump (30/ 24”) <– Not enough boxes so I did 20″

Toes To Bar <– Rx

I felt like I was moving kind of slowly throughout the WOD. Granted I was also staring at my phone the entire time just in case the vet called me (my dog had knee surgery (TPLO) and I was waiting for the surgeon to call me to tell me how it went) so I was a little distracted. But I honestly didn’t feel like this WOD was hard. Maybe the 2 mods I did really made it easier but since it was my first WOD back in without a brace and with weight I’m ok with an easy day 🙂 I finished in 15:01.

I didn’t hang around too long afterwards but I’m glad I moved around and got some exercise despite waiting for a phone call and being pretty stressed out all day. I’m not sure when I’ll work out next since I don’t know how much time/attention my dog will need from me these next few days so if I don’t post much that’s why. It’ll serve as a good way to ease me back into WODs with weight anyway. silver lining?


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