Checking In (Dog Post)

Hey! I just wanted to check in and let everyone know how things are going. Friday was an extra crazy day for me. At 10:30am my husband and I went to go pick up one of our dogs, Daisy, from the Orthopedic surgeon. She had TPLO surgery last Thursday and Friday we had a discharge appointment to go over the procedure and how we are supposed to care for Daisy. It’s an 8-12 week recovery – yeah. 3. long. months. – and the first 2-4 weeks sound the hardest. Well, we decided to take the truck to pick her up but the truck didn’t want to cooperate. It kept stalling. Thankfully when it stalled for the 4-6th time 1/4mi from the house we decided I should go get my car. I jogged home and got my car while we towed the truck to a safe place and finally got to the vet! Not how I wanted to start the day at all by being late to pick up our dog! The appointment lasted a little over an hour with instructions on everything (can we say a bit overwhelming??) and then it was time to take Daisy home. I was a mental mess! She was still drugged up from surgery and wasn’t happy to have to be confined to a corner in the living room instead of on the couch like normal. I was afraid I’d break her if I touched her and I was terrified to leave the room. We were told she can’t run, play, jump or really do much of anything unless they say it’s ok for 12 weeks. I also get to leash walk her in the yard for potty breaks ONLY and then back in the house. Fun. So what does she do the 1 moment I decide to go get the mail and recycling bin? Jump out of her confinement! GAH!!! It doesn’t help that we have another healthy young dog in the house who doesn’t understand his sister can’t play right now.


Needless to say I was a hot mess Friday and had a mini melt down that night. BUT Daisy and I survived day 1! I started to feel more comfortable and confident on day 2 but things were still sort of in experiment mode. She jumped out of her confinement another 2 times on Day 2 shoot me now! but I started letting her roam around the main level more to see if we and she could settle down/handle it. It wasn’t until that night when things got REALLY stressful. She has to wear a cone when we aren’t watching her so she doesn’t lick or chew on her staples and she hates the cone! Not to mention her crate is just a smidge small really for her to be in there with a cone on and get comfortable. But we had no choice – so cone on and dog in crate. She cried and cried and cried. She’d settle, then cry more, settle for 5min, cry more. Finally I went down there and after about an hour of trying to get her to settle down while I was there put on my snow suit and took her out to see if that was the issue. Well that was definitely a major part of the problem – whoops, my bad, Daisy. With that out of the way she finally settled in her confinement area with me on the couch and we all got some sleep! I was SO glad it was the weekend still! We slept in and Nick helped watch Daisy while I took our other dog out for a much needed walk. Our other dog, Jack, is a ball of energy so he really needed to go for a walk!

We went to the World of Pets Expo with the plan to buy a ton of antlers for Daisy to chew on while she’s recovering and while we achieved that goal we also signed up for a raffle to win an end table crate. The proceeds went to a rescue of some sort so we figured we really wanted one so why not! It was $5. Well for the first time ever, we won the raffle!!! The crate is pretty big – which works perfectly for Daisy with the cone on! – but it works well for Jack and our living room as a place for a dog to sit while we are watching TV! Here is a picture of Jack from last night in it:



We’ve been wanting one of these ever since Nick saw them in the SkyMall magazine (I love SkyMall!) but they are super expensive!! The base price is about $100 and we’d need a large crate size so tack on another $100 at least! That’s more of the reason why we’ve been dragging our feet to get one – but who can beat $5?! It is gently used but, who cares?!

Anyway – Daisy is doing well and she seems to be improving/healing every day. We’re only on day 4 with many days ahead of us, but I’m feeling much more confident about her recovery.

Tonight I’ll be hitting the gym and getting back to some form of a normal routine so I promise my posts won’t be so dog saturated next time 🙂 It’s definitely a blessing I work from home to take care of Daisy right now! I’d be stressed out to the max if I had to leave her for 8-9 hours every day! OH! One thing I wanted to mention while we’re on the topic of stressing out – I just have to say how thankful I am that I stocked the house with healthy foods before Daisy got home! Day 1 I wanted SO BADLY to eat some junk/unhealthy comfort foods to help ease the stress but since I had already shopped and simultaneously didn’t want to leave Daisy’s side I had no excuse to go get fast food or frozen junk or even try and find junk hidden in the house! Or even go to the store to be tempted by the junk! I cannot even express how much better I felt eating Power Foods during such a stressful time even though it was still very hard to do. I felt more in control the next day and I FINALLY – for probably one of the few times in my life – coped with something really hard WITHOUT food! Yes, I broke down and cried a few times. Yes, I was a hott mess. But I got through it! 😀 Onward to day 4!!


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