1/27/14 WOD

Back in the gym! Man it feels good! I only missed Friday and Saturday (I normally rest Sunday) but it felt as if I had missed a week!  It’s funny, though, about an hour before I was going to leave I started to feel lazy and reconsider even going to workout but I’m glad I pushed myself to go because I feel so good this morning! My back started to feel tight towards the end of last night’s WOD but it wasn’t anywhere near the level of tight it had been. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being what it was before I’d say it was a 1.  I am trying to listen to my body so I noted it, made sure I was using good form/corrected some of my form on the KB swings, and continued with caution.

7 Rounds for time:
5 Chest to Bar Pull-Up <– Regular PUs
10 KB Swing (53/ 35#) <– Rx
15 Box Jump (24/ 20”) <– Rx
20 min time cap

We had to go in 2 heats last night since we had such a large class (the class sizes have been fluctuating so much this month!) and I went in the second heat hoping to finish in 10min. Unfortunately my box jumps just weren’t fast enough but I did have a decent finish in 11:17. It was a cool WOD because you do the pull ups just fine and then the Kettle bell swings continue to fatigue your grip while simultaneously fatiguing you hamstrings before you try and do the box jumps. Around round 3/4 you really start to feel it! The air in the gym was also SUPER dry which didn’t help and I had to pee so every time I jumped my bladder jiggled. Rookie mistake. It was a nice Welcome Back from the weekend WOD.


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