MY Whole Life Challenge: Week 3 Results

What a week! OMG! Between dealing with my dog, Daisy, and her knee surgery, the cold weather, and recovering from my back issues it’s been a long and challenging week. I’ve been very proud of myself for not turning to junk or booze when I was struggling the most. It was definitely tough getting adjusted to Daisy’s new routine and I’m proud of myself for sticking to PowerFoods when I was most stressed out!

I feel like I did well considering the circumstances but there are a few things I could improve upon this week. I want to aim to cut back on how many snacks I have during the afternoon. Just because they are power foods doesn’t mean I NEED them. I would like to assess my hunger around 1-3pm better before I just allow myself to dig into the Cheerios or have a piece of fruit just for the sake of having it. I also want to get in a bit more activity. Between the cold weather, my yoga ball breaking, and my new dog schedule I haven’t been nearly as active. I’m going to Crossfit only 4 times a week lately in order to make sure I’m not over doing it with my back instead of 5-6 times a week and I definitely feel more sedentary than I did in the past.

So in order to accomplish these things I’m going to write down what time I finish lunch to help assess my hunger levels with snacks. And to get in more activity I’m going to take advantage of the 10-15min before crossfit class to be more active instead of just sitting and waiting for class to start by rowing or practicing skills I want to get better at. I think those 2 small things will make a big difference this week.


Points: 52/77 (improvement over last week)

Weight: 166.2 (-0.2)

A loss is a loss! It’s never as much as I’d like (when is it ever?) but I’m SO happy I had a loss considering what I went through this week!

I am excited to go into Week 4!! Halfway through the 8 week challenge I made for myself! I am considering extending it to 12 weeks to fill up my 12 week tracker but first I want to hit the 8 week mark before I extend my challenge. This challenge is feeling less and less as a challenge and more and more like a lifestyle and I’m LOVING it! I’m so glad I pushed myself to do this!


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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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