2/4/14 “King Kong”

I’m not sure who did programming this week but I am LOVING it! It could be for my love of heavy deadlifts but I’m not biased 😉 I was SO excited for this WOD and all day I had butterflies:

King Kong
3 rounds for time

1 Deadlift (455/ 295#) <– Rx! BOOYA
2 Muscle-ups <– 2 C2Bs and 2 Dips with thin purple band
3 Squat Clean (250/ 155#) <– 115# (wore my deadlift shoes not oly shoes)
4 Handstand Pushups <– 2 ab mats

I wasn’t sure if I was going to hit all 3 deadlifts at 295# but after I warmed up and 295 came up EASILY I knew I could do it! I even got to finally wear my new pretty power lifting belt 😀

Because I went all out on the deadlift I decided to go a little lighter on the squat clean. Not to mention there was no way I was going to deadlift in my Oly shoes which honestly I need to get a solid squat clean! Psychologically speaking I didn’t want to mess up my deadlift and I heard it’s not the best to be wearing, either. So while my deadlifts were AMAZING (if I say so myself) my squat cleans weren’t all that pretty and on the fairly light side. Oh well 😉 I finished in 4:08! I’m thinking for such a low rep scheme maybe I should’ve made the HSPU a little more challenging…oh well. I just wanted to deadlift! let’s be honest 😉

It made me really confident about breaking the MD state deadlift record in April doing such a heavy deadlift in a WOD! SO! EXCITED!!!!


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