2/6/14 “Diablo vs. One World”

I feel like I just got lured into some sort of trap. We don’t do a lot of dead lifts in our general programming so this week when I saw 2 WODs with dead lifts in them I HAD to do them! Did I take into consideration to go easy at all? Nope. Sigh. I don’t know if I’ll ever learn my lesson on how to take it easy sometimes. For some reason this didn’t look like it’d bother my back:

“Diablo vs One World”

In any order – Perform:
12 Rope Climbs <– Rx
50 Thrusters (½ BW)* <– Rx (83#)
100 Deadlifts (½ BW+90/ 60#)* <– Rx (143#)

* 1 bar per athlete

Oh yeah because why on earth would 100 deadlifts plus 50 thrusters bother my back?! Oy. Sometimes I’m stupid. I was, however, smart enough to wear my belt but it didn’t help. I started off with my crossfit belt and mid way through switched to my powerlifting belt but the belt wasn’t helping the area that got tight: my super duper lower back area. More like my hips/butt. I wasn’t the only one to have this issue, either, so at least I wasn’t alone. I saw at least a few other people struggle with their back and sitting in the fetal position during the WOD a little. I foam rolled my back after the WOD and took some Ibprofin when I got home. I’ll be resting/active recovery for the next 3-4 days!

Technically I didn’t finish this WOD as prescribed. At 29:25 I had finished 6 rope climbs, all 50 Thrusters, and all 100 deadlifts. Honestly, for me, I felt like that was great! 12 climbs with all that stuff isn’t exactly realistic for me in 30min so accomplishing 1/2 of them made me feel really great! My official score is 30min (6 rope climbs left). 

I’m pretty sore still today in my back and I feel rather whipped from this week of super heavy weight and tons o reps. I hope next week is filled with stuff I don’t love so I’m not tempted to fall into Evan’s trap again 😉 YAY rest week!


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