2/8/14 Partner WOD and Bench Press Practice/PR

After a much needed day off to rest my sore back I was ready to hit they gym. I have a special place in my heart for Partner WODs since I feel like having someone watch you/work with you makes me work harder. Today was no exception since my speed directly affected my partner’s suffering:

Teams of 2:

~ ~ Person 1 performs the following:
10 Pistols (alternating) <– Red box with 45# plate
15 Kettlebell swings (#53/#35) <– Rx
20 Sit-Ups <– Rx
~ ~ All while Person 2 holds a medicine ball (#20/ #14) overhead. <– Rx

After person 1 is finished with a round – switch.

I worked with my friend/powerlifting coach, Susan, and we booked it! Something about feeling bad for each other when we had to hold the med ball made us move as fast as we possibly could. I estimated we’d get 10 rounds but I was pleasantly surprised when we got 12 + 29! Heck yeah!!

After the WOD we practiced our bench and I hit another PR!!!! 130#!!! The state record is 155# and while I don’t really anticipate beating that in April, I do plan on getting close to it and then surpassing it in the fall when the MD State Championship meet happens again.

I am still on the fence about the Crossfit Open. Just the other day I wanted to go ahead and pay the $20 but then I didn’t. I still have a while to decide but I have a feeling I’ll probably end up doing the Open despite saying I wasn’t going to officially register for it. I’m such a sucker. 😉


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