2/10/14 WOD

You can’t even begin to imagine how thrilled I was Sunday night when I saw Monday’s WOD pop up on my news feed. MORE DEADLIFTS!!!!!!


10 Deadlift (200#) <– Rx

50 Double-unders <– Rx

There were different weights for the deadlift online than there were on the actual board we write the WODs on at the gym and I can’t remember them but I know I chose 200#. The coach said to pick a weight that was heavy but so you could still do a few touch and go reps and maintain your form. 200 seemed like a good way to go and I made a conscious effort to use proper form this time! I didn’t even wear a belt so I could feel when my form was getting crappy and I even told the coach to call me out on it if he sees me doing straight legged deadlifts. Thankfully being super conscious of my form was enough to keep me in line and I felt like I bonded with my jump rope last night. We are almost at the point where I was with my other rope and I’m so happy about it since this new rope is way better/faster 🙂 I finished in 5:22. Not stellar but not bad, either. I think taking my time with proper form coupled with double under tangles is what slowed me down a little but no big deal.

After class (since we had so much time) we did a little WOD with handstand holds and L sits. 3 rounds – each exercise held for 1 min with 1 min rest in between. I worked on my free standing handstand since leaning up against the wall isn’t a huge deal for me to hold and I want to get a handstand walk at some point in my life! I can’t L Sit so I tucked as long as I could. My abs are still sore from Saturday’s WOD so that was fun.

In other news I registered myself for a Crossfit Competition in May at Crossfit Laurel called the Hopper Clash. It’s a very small comp – 16 competitors in each division and it’s double elimination. The person you compete against and the WODs are chosen by the Hopper. I signed up for scaled since I can’t do EVERYTHING on the Rx list and Rx competitors generally kick my butt. I think the scaled division might be really easy but if that’s the case I better kick some tail! 😉 It sounded like fun and it’s local so I registered! I think this means I have no excuse to sign up for the Crossfit Open…so don’t worry, I’ll get to it 😉


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2 Responses to 2/10/14 WOD

  1. Marie says:

    Thanks so much for giving the Hopper Clash a shout out! We think it’s a great concept and we can’t wait to see the battles go down.

  2. Marie says:

    …and Good Luck in the Open. I signed up too!

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