2/17/14 WOD

Have you ever wondered what could make a WOD like Fight Gone Bad even more torturous? Me neither. But apparently my coach did since he decided to program this:


Wallball (20 / 14#) <– Rx

Sumodeadlift Highpull (75/ 55#) <– Rx

Box Jumps (24 / 20”) <– Rx

Push Press (75 / 55#) <– Rx

Row (Cal) <– Rx

Start at any station and rotate in sequence.

Post Tabata score (smallest set) for each exercise, then total.

Example: 10, 11, 15, 13, 7 = 56

So instead of doing everything for 1 min and resting between the 3 rounds we just did 8 rounds tabata style (20 sec on, 10 sec rest) for every exercise. I did the math – technically you are doing an extra round of FGB since a Tabata takes 4 min and FGB is technically 3min at each station. But I guess if you only add up the 20 sec worth of work it’s actually less (1min 20sec) than FGB. Regardless, this was rough. Annndddd per usual I had terrible SDHP form and my back got all tight. GAH! SDHP!!!!! I started on the row and got this as my score: 4/6/8/3/7 = 28

As you can see the row for calories was going to be low for everyone. I probably could’ve gotten 7 at wall ball had I really pushed and after the SDHP I needed a rest! Only by round 7 did my back feel loose enough again to really jump but by then doing more work was pointless since your score for each exercise was the lowest Tabata number in any given round. Push Press was fine at 7 for me 😛 Next time I will start at box jump so I can get a decent score there and then end on SDHP and not have to worry about my back ruining a round.

In case you’re wondering if I stuck to my new Training Plan I mentioned yesterday, the answer is yes. It just didn’t happen exactly how I laid it out. I did 20 push ups and then I decided to work on my handstand walk and got 4 steps!!! (each hand = 1) I’m slowly getting better!!! Then since the clock for the 5pm class was going I decided to do reverse tabata squat holds. So I rested for 20sec and then squatted for 10 sec for their remaining few sets. I worked on my squat during the day, too, while making lunch. I am already feeling better since I’m being more productive at the gym and since I got my yoga ball back out to replace my chair. Amazing how those 2 things can make such a big difference 🙂


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