2/20/14 WOD “Double Helen”

Last night was an active recovery workout for me. I wanted to take the day off but I thought I needed to go to the gym to pick something up and I didn’t want to drive 20min just to turn around and go home. So I took the WOD which turned out to be sort of a double Helen of sorts:


800 m RUN or 250 Double-unders or 900 m Row <– did 400 m run Rnd 1, 125 double unders rnd 2, and a 450m row rnd 3 
40 KB Swing (53/35#) <– Rx but did 20 swings
25 Pull-Ups <– Rx 12 pull ups

Round 1 was FAST for me! Round 2 sucked! I whipped myself SO many times! Proof I need more bonding time with my new rope for high volume DUs. That round was my slowest for sure! And then rowing wasn’t too bad except it fatigued your grip a bit and made the KBS and Pull ups a little tough. I wanted to dabble in all 3 cardio formats available to us since I equally suck in all 3 and finished in 15:51. I think had I run each round and realized this was Helen, I could’ve CRUSHED my previous score of 12:30! If I was only 3min slower because I tripped over the rope a million times I can’t even imagine how fast I would’ve been had I run. This makes me excited to actually have Helen programmed in soon!

We mobilized after the workout and I headed home. I didn’t really do much practice before class, either, since I was so sore.


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