2/24/14 WOD

IT’S THE WEEK OF THE CROSSFIT OPEN!!!!!!!! šŸ˜€ Are you excited? I am! Despite dragging my feet to even register I am fully excited now. Thursday the first WOD 14.1 will be announced and you better believe I’ll be watching and thinking about my strategy!

Last night’s WOD was a chipper. I haven’t done a full chipper in a long time it seems:

Thruster (95/ 65#)Ā <– Rx
Toes to barĀ <– Rx
Walking Lunges (53/ 35#)Ā <– Rx
Kettlebell Swings (53/ 35#)Ā <– Rx
BurpeesĀ <– Rx

The first and second round was pure torture! Took me 22min just to get through those first 2 rounds!! I even asked the coach if I should MOD the reps or keep going since I felt like hell and she pushed me to keep going and said I had plenty of time with the 40min cap. So I did. And I’m thankful I did because the last 2 rounds flew by! And I actually finished inĀ 33:47!

The thrusters just sucked. They always do. I did sets of 5 almost every round with them. I tried doing sets of 10 in the first round but I couldn’t sustain it. T2Bs I mainly did in sets of 4 and 2 until I finally pushed myself to do sets of 3 consistently. That helped tremendously with pacing and resting! The walking lunges weren’t too bad – I held the kettle bell by the bell and always walked half of the steps (plus 1 if it was an odd number) before resting and turning around to finish. The KBSs were a cinch but I told myself to do half, rest, then finish up. Burpees. Ugh. Slow as snot until I employed the same tactic I had for the T2Bs – short sprint sets of 3, rest, another sprint of 3. It really gave me insight into my body and how to conquer my weaknesses positively vs negative self talk like ‘omg when is this going to end? why am I so slow?’ Definitely need to think like this more often!

I was dead after the WOD! It took me a few min to recover before I could pack up my things and head home. But it was a good WOD for sure! I liked how it challenged people mentally and physically and I saw a ton of people crumble because of that. It was a huge mental high for me knowing I persevered and continued to push despite the physical pain I was feeling. I think that’s what separates competitive people from non-competitive people in a lot of ways.


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