MY Whole Life Challenge: Week 7 Results

Wow finally in the home stretch of this challenge! For me, this week was all about activity, waiting 20min before eating more, and eliminating unnecessary carbs.

I definitely feel like I accomplished the activity portion! Having my yoga ball back in action allowed me to get no less than 4-5 activity points a day! It also helped my mood dramatically and I am more positive when I am more active which leads to me being more encouraging to myself and making healthier choices. Sometimes the yoga ball time seemed like a chore – but for the most part it was easy to accomplish for the first 4 hours of my day to get me to my baseline or more. And I even used it on the weekend when I didn’t have any formal activity so I could move around.

Waiting 20min was kind of a lifesaver for me and it has helped me in the afternoons the most from going into a domino snacking binge. The afternoons are hardest for me, hands down, but waiting at least 20min has helped me from nonstop eating. I still snack, and sometimes too much, but I feel much more in control. Not to mention I have tried to make my snacks healthier even if they aren’t Simply Filling Power Foods (i.e. almonds or hummus with peppers).

In one way I feel I met my unnecessary carb goal, and in another way I don’t think I did at all. While I refrained from having pasta at lunch (that I did not weigh out) or using as much bread I did buy Berger cookies this week for my daily treat/indulgence. You might think berger cookies would totally mean I didn’t meet my goal but hear me out. 1. I looked up the points value of each cookie BEFORE I ate one.  2. I allowed myself no more than 2 a day and NO MORE! I could indulge in 2 cookies (8 points) and not feel too guilty and after that, even if I wanted more I stopped, waited 20min, and thought about what would be a healthier snack. So in a part I feel like I took out the carbs that I was eating without really measuring or eating as many portions but I didn’t totally eliminate carbs either. I also made a SF soup for lunches and enjoyed many more large salads instead of the pasta or bread options.

All in all I feel like I had a great week! My body felt less bloated and I felt more energized during the day and I felt more motivated at Crossfit. So how did it translate?

Weight: 166 (-0.8#!)

Yeah you read it right, almost a full pound down! Of course it felt like more but I am very happy with my loss. 🙂 Hoping to continue this downward trend into the last formal week of my challenge.  My focus this week is to use my food scale more for weighing portions vs using measuring cups or eyeballing portions. Normally I use measuring cups and I use my scale on occasion but I need to weigh my food more than measure this week.


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