2/27/14 WOD “Mary” [Benchmark WOD]

Twas the night before the Open and all through the gym hardly anyone showed up so they could rest and kick butt during the Open WOD on Saturday.

I’m no poet obviously 😉 but last night it was pretty sparse in attendance and/or people actually doing the prescribed WOD. I’m pretty sure most everyone was doing some form of active recovery last night to start tapering/resting up for Saturday’s attempt at 14.1!

The prescribed WOD was:



5 Handstand Push-up <– did 5 strict Push ups
10 Pistols <– 6 pistols to a box with 45# plate
15 Pull-ups <– 5 pull ups

I wanted to move around and I’m not good modifying an AMRAP time so I figured I’d just seriously scale the reps so it’d be fast and dirty. I managed to get 15 rounds in the 20min which isn’t too bad. I was annoyed though because on my second to last rep I felt my hand start to rip so I quickly moved my grip over to the affected area to do 1 more pull up and when I checked my hand I had a blood blister. FML. GAH!!! When I got home I drained it and disinfected it so it can have a full day to heal and not be a complete nuisance on Saturday.

In case you missed it or have been isolated from social media, 14.1 was announced last night and it’s a repeat WOD! 11.1 is 14.1! I’ve actually done this WOD a couple of times but never in optimal conditions. Last time I did this I was having back issues. The time before that it was coupled with 11.3. And the first time I tried this I did it at Planet Fitness and was still new to Crossfit. Each time, though, seemed to be fairly consistent – 3/4+ rounds in 10min. BUT this time the standards aren’t strictly snatch! You can do just any version of ground to overhead! (aka clean and jerk) At 55#, a clean and jerk would be super easy for me! And I think it’d actually be less fatiguing on my arms/body in general but might be a smidge slower than someone who is super proficient at snatch since it stops at the shoulders for a hot second. BUT because I want my back to survive and my form to stay good, I’m seriously contemplating doing clean and jerks for this WOD to see if it makes me faster. If it really slows me down, I can always switch to snatch. Coincidentally I also changed the wire on my jump rope last night to a slightly thicker/slower wire since I’ve been struggling so much with DUs lately. I’m hoping this helps me string more together and cry get whipped less.

Until then – hope you all kick some major 14.1 butt this week!!!


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