3/1/14 Crossfit Open WOD 14.1

THE OPEN IS HEEEERRRRREEEEEE!!!!!!! And I did my first WOD of the season. It was a repeat of Open WOD 11.1:

30 Double-unders
15 Power snatch (75/ 55)

As mentioned the other day I’ve already done this WOD but never in optimal conditions. The highest score I got was 4 + 33 (213 reps). Today I was hopped up on coffee and adrenaline and busted out 5 + 9 (234 reps)!!!! That’s a 11 rep improvement!

14.1 score card

Official Proof

Going into the WOD my goal was to finish that 5th round – anything over that would be frosting on my Crossfit Cake. I was very happy I met my goal and PR’ed this WOD! I was actually dreading the double unders so much that I ended up using my old and trusty jump rope vs my new rope and it paid off!! I was able to go unbroken in each move for about 2 rounds because of it! I tried to throw in a few clean and jerks but it was SO not worth it! Waste of time and messed with my brain too much trying to go back and forth. Rounds 3 and 4 I broke the snatch into sets of 5 and then in round 5 I did whatever I could get to keep moving.

This WOD was rough. Just as rough as the last time I did it but maybe slightly less because I was numb with excitement that first round. I’m so excited for 14.2 to be announced but I know there are still burpees, thrusters, and pull ups still yet to be called upon and I must admit burpees and thrusters are a deeper level of hell more torture for me that I’m not exactly looking forward to. I am just thrilled I got a decent score on the board and now I can move on to the next WOD!

Sadly this year I probably won’t have many photos or videos for the blog but I’ll try to at least capture my score card after every WOD for something to look at 😛


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