3/5/14 WOD

So originally I thought I was going to have a choice about what WOD I could do last night and I was going to do the Whole Life Challenge WOD instead of back squatting. Well I got to the gym and my coach said “sure you can do that…AFTER you squat” … How am I supposed to do well on that WOD AFTER squatting?! He only let the people who officially signed up for WLC to do it before squatting. So I kind of had to throw that idea out the window and just focus on back squatting. I’d rather focus my energy on 1 thing than have a crappy night on 2 things.

After realizing the WLC WOD just wasn’t going to happen I was actually glad I did the back squatting workout. My goal was to get to 90Kg – and my friend and I got there on our first lift of singles. But then something amazing happened, we decided to go for more! I also got my weight belt out (something I’ve never used for squatting before) and it was a miracle how much better my last squats were! Guess where I ended last night? Just guess! 


Yup. I did it! I hit my goal of 200# AND added 20#!!!! If I can do 100Kg in the Powerlifting meet in April AND 330# deadlift and a 135# bench omg it’ll be AMAZING!!!! 

After class I helped teach a few of the guys my new tricks to kipping HSPU and it helped them a lot! 🙂 And then I worked on learning how to kip ring dips so I don’t have to struggle doing strict ones every WOD. I need to practice the coordination of that move since it’s opposite the HSPU kip but I know even if I do a little kip action, it’ll help me! 😀 

So in summary, I probably won’t ever have any WLC WOD stats for the blog to share and I have to admit I’m kind of sad about it. But I think a PR on my back squat is a pretty good substitute!


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