3/9/14 Endurance WOD

I made it out to another endurance WOD!! I know! I’m shocked, too, but after talking to the endurance WOD coach on Saturday and him letting me know it isn’t just for fast people who like to run I felt I sort of had to go. I saw the WOD and almost decided sleeping in was a better idea but I forced myself to suck it up and go since I’ve been wanting to get better at running anyway.

The WOD was 45 min of fartlek trail running.

45 min of running is tough for me in general but I hoped the sprinting would make me enjoy it more assuming we didn’t just do Indian sprints the whole time lol!

Instead we did a lot of different types of fartleks and I really enjoyed the challenges! We did:

4 min warmup
3 min at 75%
2 min at 85%
1 min at 95%
2 min of 10s on 10s off
1 min of 5 steps fast, 10 steps off
100m sprint
3 rounds of 20 seconds build, 20 seconds rest
600m run
Team relay sprints

Honestly the warm up and the first longer efforts were the hardest for me. Well and the last run since it was a run to a bridge and I had no idea how far that was. The team relay sprints were ok except they lasted for 5 min! My favorite was actually the 5 steps fast 10 steps off. I was actually very fast/efficient as a runner that way and I think I might try running like that during WODs with 400m runs. Counting helped occupy my brain and short bursts kept me from pooping out too quickly.

I’m pretty tired from the WOD but I also enjoyed it! Who am I? Lol

I’m looking forward to seeing my progress with crossfit as I get better endurance 🙂


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2 Responses to 3/9/14 Endurance WOD

  1. Burt says:

    You’re very inspiring! Don’t ever quit!

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