MY Whole Life Challenge: Week 8 Final Results

Sorry that this is LONG overdue. And I’m going to apologize again because this isn’t going to be a real Results Post. A few things happened that sort of messed it all up:

1. I wasn’t able to re-do the WOD.

2. I had a weird morning the morning of my final weigh in

3. Later that day I couldn’t find my measuring tape

I thought about doing it this week (re-weigh in and measurements) but things went funky. Last week I was only 0.4# over my starting weight for MY WLC. This week I’m 2# over! And I had done SO well with eating right that I just got really mad. I decided that a final post probably wasn’t going to happen but I needed to address it at least a little bit.

Yesterday after my depressing meeting I went home and switched my tracker from Simply Filling to PointsPlus. I had a very big gut check into reality. I was eating WAY TOO MUCH! I honestly didn’t even realize it since I figured I was eating Power Foods and that meant I was ok. Yeahhhh well, I’m not. So I made the decision to go back to PointsPlus Tracking for the time being while focusing my eating on Power Foods – just less of them. While I thought I was listening to my body’s cues when I was full, it appears I was slightly off.

I’m not counting the challenge a bust nor a success. Like anything, I learned from the experience.  I learned that I can eat healthy long term and be happy. I learned there is nothing to fear when embarking on a new challenge. And I learned I can live the healthy life I want and be happy about it. I’m still a work in progress, but I love love love that this challenge has at least made me super content with the right foods. Now all I need to figure out is the correct portions of them. I will figure this out! I know I can and will!


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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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