3/22/14 Open WOD 14.4

Ohhhh mannnn… 14.4 was filled with tons of things that are not my forte. I’m a strength girl, not a gymnasticy cardio girl. But I love Crossfit and I knew I was going to give this WOD my all.


60 Calorie Row
50 Toes-To-Bar
40 Wallball (20/ 14#)
30 Clean (135/ 95#)
20 Muscle-ups

I made a goal to get into/through the cleans since I knew the row would take about 4min and the T2B would take me some time and I super suck at wall ball. I knew if I could just get to the cleans my life would be better. However I did not calculate the effect the beginning of this WOD would have on me. I should’ve thought twice when the elite athletes who first demonstrated the WOD on Thursday night did singles that maybe I would be struggling by then, too. Denial is strong, my friends. So I did the row in a little over 4min and felt good. Started in on the T2Bs and ughhhh they weren’t pretty. TONS of singles! Then I picked up the ball and could only do 3 at a time. A little after 12 min I finally got to the barbell. I know fresh I could’ve maybe squeaked all 30 reps in during the remaining time… but I wasn’t fresh. In fact I was feeling dizzy and my core was shot. My grip was fine but my arms and core were done. I got through 14 cleans before time was up for a total score of 164 reps. I had soooooo hoped I could get to 180 reps but considering these were movements I’m not great at, I am happy I got that far. So close to finishing!

I am not going to redo this WOD. There is no point since I don’t think I can get to 180 reps with time to spare which is sort of the game plan for those without muscle ups since the tie breaker is the time you finish the cleans. If ANYTHING happened redoing it, I would get maybe into the 170s. So it’s not worth it to redo.

ONWARD TO 14.5!!!!!!!!!!!! Last week of the OPEN!!!!! It’s a bittersweet moment 😛


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One Response to 3/22/14 Open WOD 14.4

  1. Lil Mama says:

    I was surprised during this WOD! I honestly didn’t even think I’d make it to the Power cleans…then girl I was judging got to 20 power cleans and I thought ok well maybe I’ll get 22…and at 22 I had 45 seconds left so I banged them out. I hate t2B! Being short doesnt help either because I can’t really do “fast” singles since the effort of getting to the bar takes a little out of me 😉
    Great job though conquering a WOD of goats!

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