3/23/14 “Bigelow” Endurance WOD

Made back for another Endurance WOD! And it was super fun! One of the ladies in the gym is leaving at the end of this month so she got to choose the theme for the WOD and she asked to switch it up/obstacle course. Well we sure got one! I ended up being her partner and I think we did a great job and had fun 🙂

1. Tire flip about 20 meters

big tire
2. Hang traverse the pull-up bar rig down hill for 3 step-sequences
3. Rope climb (5 climbs split between two athletes) <– we just did 2 per person for 4 each round
4. Farmers walk (2x53lb KB and 2x70lb KB) for ~50m
5. OH lungs (45lb and 25lb plates) for ~50m
6. Wheelbarrow x 20m
7. Buddy Carry x 70m
8. Sled push/pull out and back about 30m each way


Originally it was programmed for 4 rounds but since we got a late start and each round had a little lag time we cut it down to 3 rounds. No clock was set or anything, it was a fun WOD but I think we took about an hour to get through 3 rounds. I was exhausted! I went home, ate, showered, and passed out for an hour before forcing myself to get up and go run errands.

group bigelow

photo courtesy of coach Brian and Whitney




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2 Responses to 3/23/14 “Bigelow” Endurance WOD

  1. Lil Mama says:

    that looks like so much fun!!

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