3/24/14 Powerlifting Practice

I love Powerlifting. In case you couldn’t already tell I thought I’d reiterate that. Last night we had Powerlifting Practice and started off with the bench press.

Instead of trying to arch our backs as much as we could naturally, our Coach had us use a small cut of PVC pipe to put under our backs to help our flexibility/strength in it. Coincidentally I also ended up getting a nice pseudo foam roll on my back from it, too. Yay massages! It really did help make the distance of the bench easier, though! I managed to get a PR of 140#! That is only 15# from the current MD State record!!! (in my weight class)

After that awesomeness we moved to the Deadlift where we did sets of 3 until coach said we were done. I finished on 290# at the end of class and it felt pretty solid! I never do multiples at that high of a weight so it was cool that I 1. could and 2. did it went well!

I talked a little strategy with my coach about the powerlifting meet (Equinox) and what our first and second and final attempts will be. I’m still going to gun for a new MD State Record attempt for the deadlift and now I’m wondering if a bench attempt is at all feasible. I think I’m going to end this entry now so I can email my coach and ask! 😀


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2 Responses to 3/24/14 Powerlifting Practice

  1. Lil Mama says:

    Great job with the bench! SO jealous. That is definitely a hard lift for me….

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