Tapering and Prepping for a Powerlifting Comp

With 5 days to go and 1 powerlifting comp under my belt I thought I’d do another post on how to prep the week of the competition.

My workout schedule is definitely abbreviated so I can be well rested by Saturday and anxious to get on the bar so I’ll be lifting tonight, doing the WOD on Tuesday, and then since I have 0 life plans I will go stupid light/easy on Wednesday just so I have something to do.

I’ve also started a list of things I’m going to bring for the day of:


Powerlifting belt

Singlet (going to be wearing this) with Tshirt underneath

Knee sleeves

Oly Shoes

Wrist Wraps

Tall and short socks (I don’t like squishing my tall socks down for the squat. I’m a diva like that)


Sweatshirt/Sweat pants to wear when I’m sitting around

Camcorder/iPhone (headphones for music relaxation) for videos and photos and live updates

Extra hair tie (just in case)

Workout Journal/Paper with warm up stuff and what to tell the judges my lifts will be

USAPL Membership Card/Purse

Change of clothes for after the meet?

Blanket/pillow for rest time

Poo-Pourri – I’m not even joking about this. There is no way I’m going to let nerves and loaded gut get in the way of my lifting! Nor am I going to let my irrational fears of using a public bathroom get in my way! This stuff seriously works, btw, I have some and can attest to its greatness. I’m not being paid or sponsored in any way to use this product – I just love it.


Water bottle filled up

Breakfast (since I won’t be eating until after weigh in) – egg sandwich



Greek yogurt/turkey/hard boiled eggs (not together)


M&Ms (my indulgence for the day)/Coach’s Lemonade (surprise for my Coach and thank you for his help for AFTER the meet)

I think I’ve got everything on this list. As you can see it’s quite a bit of stuff but I’m going to be there all day long without much time to go out and come back. If I lived closer I might be able to get away with a quick trip home after bench but I don’t live close enough. I’ll probably send my husband home after bench to let the dogs out/pick anything up I might need.

The day of the meet will more than likely go like this:

5:45am – Wake up and get mostly dressed since I’m going to strip down once I get to the gym for weigh in

7:00am – Check in at the gym/sign paperwork/find seats to save for friends. Get in line to weigh in, give my rack heights, and tell the judges what my first lifts will be.

8:15am – Athlete Briefing (the judges will go over the movement standards/rules so everyone is clear on what they are looking for)

9:00am – First lifters on Back Squat get the meet kicked off

9-10:30am? – Warm up, do my 3 back squat attempts, and then go sit down and change out of my oly shoes and knee sleeves and find my wrist wraps. Eat and drink something.

11am-1pm? – Do my 3 bench press attempts then put my wrist wraps away, put on my tall socks, and eat/nap/drink more water/rest. Potentially find something for lunch if I can stomach anything. And if enough time, hit up Starbucks for a mini mental break from the competition.

1-3pm? – Warm up, do my deadlift attempt and hopefully crush a state record, and break out the Coach’s Lemonade to celebrate an awesome day.

4-5pm? – Awards Ceremony then change and eat lots of food before collapsing in bed.

It’s a pretty long day and while I am doing a lot of sitting my adrenaline levels are going for almost 12 hours. That in itself will exhaust you. But it’s going to be SO MUCH FUN and I can’t wait to rock my unicorn singlet again!



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