4/22/14 WOD

Back to semi- normal routine!

I got back to the gym and the purpose was all about my own fitness. It felt kind of awesome focusing on myself and getting in a complete workout last night. I started off with some supplemental work:


3 sets of 10 hollow body rocks with 2min rest between each set

Then it was WOD warm up time and the WOD:

2 Rounds, 2 Loads:

10 minutes to:
Run 1 mile*, then <– Ran approx 1200m/.75mi
max rep snatch

Snatch Load for Round 1 = 135/95 <– did 90# but should’ve done 95#
Snatch Load for Round 2 = 95/65 <– Rx

The reason I scaled the run is because the last time we did a mile run for time I finished in about 9:30 and my coach suggested I scale the distance a bit so I had enough time to come back in and get some snatches done/a score! So I ran the 800m course and then went to tag the trailers on the 400m course and back. It was about 1100m-1200m.  But seeing how I finished that in 6-7min both rounds, I think my 1 mi run time has greatly increased.  I will be testing it on Thursday.  I also had done about 85# snatch as a heavy snatch weight just last week and it felt kind of light so I decided to add 5# to my load to see how that would feel. I actually think I have a consistent 95# snatch to get some use out of! Next time I’m going Rx!

First round: 6:40 run and 16 snatch

Second round: 7:19 run and 21 snatch

Every time I went to run I kept telling myself to keep a steady pace and then CRUSH the snatch. It was interesting because for me because the hard part of this WOD was the run and my recovery/fun/reward was the lifting whereas I know the light/fast people had the opposite sentiments. It was a WOD for everyone and it definitely wore me out! I asked for some more work this week and I am getting it!!


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