4/26/14-4/27/14 Level 1 Crossfit Course

This weekend I participated in the Level 1 Crossfit course. I wanted to take the class in order to extend my knowledge of Crossfit and to become a Coach at my gym. The course is a 2 day lecture/practicum with a multiple choice test at the end of day 2 that decides if you are a Level 1 Trainer or not. You don’t have to take the class with any prior knowledge of Crossfit or with any intention of teaching Crossfit – but for the hefty price of $1,000 most people do it with the intent of recouping that money by coaching.

Day 1 consisted of a lot of lectures about Crossfit, Fitness, and 6 movements that we got to practice doing, watching, and coaching for technique. All of the Level 1 Staff (we had Spencer Hendel, Lindsey Smith, E.C. , Melody, Jason, and Megan) was very articulate and knowledgeable and very friendly. I was impressed at their ability to perform all of the movements with such perfection and control and to have such a refined coach’s eye to see even the slightest issues! I have never ever had such an exhausting PVC lecture, either! Usually you correlate sweating and being exhausted with heavy loads…. but not me. The squat clinic/therapy we did was so challenging that I was a hot mess by the end.

The dynamics of the class were interesting. We had some people who were gym owners who wanted to add a Crossfit type class to their gym, we had some people who had never done Crossfit before, and we had some who thought they were already experts. Normally in the Crossfit community people are rather friendly and nice (at least in my experience). It’s abnormal to encounter meat-heads or jerks yet at the clinic I felt there was an unusual abundance of them. All of the meat-heads were men, not surprisingly, and sat directly behind me being super obnoxious. It took a lot of self control to not turn around and tell them to shove it a few times but I figured I’d just ignore them and not get involved. They were not worth my time.

By the end of day 1 I was dog tired. I had absorbed SO much information and we spent so much time working on skills that I just wanted to pass out when I got home. I had to force myself to do a little bit of studying before bed.

Day 2 was more of the same lectures and skill breakouts. We did, however, perform our workout before lunch unlike Day 1 so we could have time for the test in the afternoon. Honestly, I could’ve done without the workout and just would’ve preferred more lecture/review time. Then after lunch and a couple more lectures it was test time. I was pretty tired by test time. I know already I’m not the world’s greatest test taker and being tired didn’t help. I feel like I got the majority of the questions correct but I’m feeling paranoid I missed more than 5 for a passing grade. I won’t know until the end of this week if I passed or failed, either. Ugh. Nothing like stressing for 7 more days wondering how I did. The worst case scenario is I failed and I have to retake the test. It does cost more money to retake it, but not the full course price thankfully.

Overall I had a good time and experience. I learned a LOT of information about Crossfit and the fundamentals. I also got to fall in love with the sport of fitness all over again just being a complete nerd about theory and technique. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has the extra funds and wants a deeper understanding of why we do what we do and how in Crossfit. Heck, you could just read the Training Guide online for all of the information (it’s free!) but experiencing the class takes the materials to a whole other, higher level!

Cross your fingers for me that I only missed 5 questions and I passed the course!!!! (no seriously, CROSS THEM!!!)


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