4/28/14 WOD and Powerlifting

First of all I wanted to share a photo from the Level 1 Certification class we took as a group:

Level 1 Cert Photo

I outlined where I was in the group so you can find me!! Yay!!

Ok back to the real stuff – Last night was tough. My Crossfit math is terrible because I really thought the WOD wasn’t going to be too bad to complete and then jump into Powerlifting practice. I was wrong. Before class began I did some supplemental work of: EMOM 5 – 3 HSPU and 3 sets of 10 T2Bs


3 Rounds for time

12 Pistols (Left leg) <– Used a red box with a 45# plate on top
12 Snatch (95/ 65) <– Rx
12 Pistols (Right leg)
12 Snatch (95/ 65)

In my pea-sized brain I thought to myself “12? That’s not a big number! I can totally get through this no problem!” and technically I did – but it was 24 each round, not 12. I swear, sometimes I really need to stop trying to add and just go into each WOD knowing it’ll be tough. I finished in 11:15 which was a darn good time but I know it is only because I modified the pistols. One day I’ll figure out how to do them….

I had a little bit of time to cool down before we did some powerlifting work. We started with some back squat and man did it feel heavy! I almost failed at 85Kg, too! I did 1 rep completely fine and then the second rep I just stalled and got stuck for a second and since I knew I didn’t have my spotters ready and didn’t want to die or bail I pushed SO HARD to stand it up! It was a weird day for me but hey I had just done a pretty tough WOD not 15min before we got into lifting.

After back squat we did some bench and again I really had to fight for 2 reps at 132Kg/60Kg. I got it but it wasn’t pretty. I’m hoping it was just general fatigue from the weekend and the WOD prior to lifting. It’s kind of an ego blow but I know lifting while I’m so fatigued and failing where I normally succeed is actually getting me stronger in the long run.

The goal for the next Push/Pull Meet in June is to do the exact same bench weights since I missed my 3rd attempt. Hopefully I’ll have more energy for the bench since we won’t be squatting and I’ll have a little more fight, too. Not sure what my deadlift goal is yet but I’m hoping it’s 340Lbs or so. Must.Crush.The Competition.

No word on my test results yet so keep crossing your fingers for me!


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