4/30/14 WOD and Competition Practice

MORE RAIN! Oh man yesterday was rain and more rain and more rain! There were maybe a few 5 min dry windows throughout the day and then MORE RAIN! The doggies were very sad they didn’t get to play outside but I did manage to find a small dry window for an afternoon walk. WINNING!

At the gym I didn’t really have many supplementals to work on so I decided to venture over to the GHD. I did 20 reps in small sets to parallel to work on my core before the WOD which was like “Annie” but with kettlebell swings:


Double Unders <– 2x singles since I’m practicing for the Hopper Clash


Kettlebell Swing (53/ 35#) <– Rx

This WOD wasn’t too tough but it was one that made you keep plugging away. You sort of got a recovery during the sit ups but not a big one. I finished in 14:25. 

After class we did some mobility and then I did another Hopper Clash WOD:

6min AMRAP of 20 burpee step ups and 10 wall ball (10#)

This mini WOD was actually really tough! Especially after all of the KBS in the WOD prior. 1 round took about 2 min! In the end I got 2 + 10… so my goal for the comp is to get closer to 3 rounds. I also decided that wearing knee sleeves and my oly shoes are going to be a good choice. The knee sleeves will help me flop faster for burpees and help with wall ball and since it’s only step ups I can wear my oly shoes for wall ball help, too.


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