5/1/14 WOD and Competition Practice

Lately I feel like I’ve been SUPER busy at the gym. I have had my supplemental work to do before the WODs, the WOD, and then either powerlifting or Hopper Clash Prep. I love it! But I’m definitely looking forward to my rest day on Saturday!

Last night I started off with my T2B work. Could definitely feel it in my abs from Wednesday’s WOD. Thanks Obama! DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)! Then it was WOD time which was sort of like Powerlifting time, too:

Bench Press

5-5-5-5 <– Got to 57Kgs for 5 and then did 2-3 at 60Kg

Then- a miniature triplet

3 rft

10 Dips <– Red band

10 Strict Push-Ups

10 Push-Ups

I didn’t finish the mini WOD. I got through 2 + 17. It was freakin’ tough! Especially after bench! I did what I could.

After that I did another Hopper Clash WOD: 6min AMRAP 7 OHS (45#) 14 burpees

Can we say gasser?? Ugh. There wasn’t anything particularly hard about the WOD just sort of a “who can hang on the longest” trend. I got 3+11 I think. I had to do the burpees in sets of 2: burpee burpee breathe burpee burpee breathe kind of rep style. The OHS I can do unbroken. Only a few more WODs to plow through before the competition!!! I want to get through them all at least once before the week of the comp so I have a plan of attack on each WOD. For me, I need to go through the WODs/practice to get my best score.


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