5/5/14 WOD and Powerlifting Practice

I started last night off feeling gross. I felt just kind of blah about how I had eaten during the day (I’ve been on a fruit binge it seems) and so I knew that I needed this WOD to kick my butt. And that it did:

5 Rounds for time

15 Burpee
15 Toes To Bar
15 Wallball

I saw this WOD and almost wanted to stay home. But I persevered.  I decided to keep my burpee pace to low reps (burpee burpee breathe). I think only the first and second rounds was I able to do more than 4 in a row before needing a break. I also knew I wasn’t going to be able to do big sets of T2B but to just keep moving and take super small breaks in order to keep up the pace. The Wall ball miraculously was the easiest part of the WOD for me. That never happens! I went unbroken every round on the wall ball! I love our new 6Kg ball! It’s smaller, more accurate with hitting the target, and I can drop it since it’s not made from that pillow stuff. For once I feel like I’m finally getting decent at wall ball! The first 2 rounds were ROUGH! This whole WOD was core to extremity work in 3 different movements! I even contemplated scaling the volume but after I started round 3 and saw it had only been 10min I knew I could finish under the time cap. I finished in 18:52. I was actually surprised at how fast I was moving in general. I was keeping up and passed 2 guys next to me! My burpees also felt really strong!

I feel like my general fitness is improving a lot lately and I am very happy about it! Only 10 days until my Hopper Clash Competition and I feel like I’m peaking at the perfect time! We just got an email with details about the competition this morning and I’m starting to get butterflies!

I’m also feeling strong with Powerlifting as last night we worked on Back squat and I ended on 2 sets of 4 at 185#! I never do 4 at that weight! By that time in my lifting I’m usually on sets of 2 – so that made me feel strong! I’ve also been focusing a LOT on my squatting form ever since I was picked apart at my Level 1 Certification course. I’m making sure to get my set up correct: weight in my heels, engage the squat by starting with my hips first then bend my knees, elbows up, chest high, and midline stability/core tight. Last night I felt I hit the majority of my squats with the weight in my heels vs rolling up to my toes! Slowly but surely I know improving my squat form will dramatically improve my lifting and fitness in general.


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