5/6/14 WOD, Photo Shoot, and Coach Shadowing

Last night was fun! First, I did a little photo shoot with my Dad at the gym because, yes, I am that nerdy and I embrace it. I wanted to get a cool photo for my Coach’s bio on the webpage and I didn’t really feel like I had one. My Dad, who loves photography, agreed to practice his skills with me at the gym and here are just a few shots that I liked:

Photos by DELphoto

Photos by DELphoto

Photos by DELphoto

Photos by DELphoto

Photos by DELphoto

Photos by DELphoto

Photos by DELphoto

Photos by DELphoto

This was so fun to do! It was hilarious trying to get the 50# dumbbell into position and it was hilarious getting these shots! I’m not sure which I like the best!

After that craziness was the WOD:

Overhead Squat
7 (4-4) 2(2-2) 1-1-1-1

~ Then

On the Minute – 6 minutes
6 Alternating pistols <– red box
Max Rep: Hanging Power Snatch (115/ 75) <– Rx

I haven’t done heavy OHS in SO LONG! I know I have 115# recorded on here but I honestly don’t know when that was from. I just decided to go light and make sure my technique was solid and if I had time (which I didn’t) see how heavy I could go. Unfortunately I only had time to get to 82#. But it was a SOLID and easy 82#! So I know I’m no where near my 1RM 🙂 Next time I’ll go more aggressive with the ramps.

The mini WOD after was brutal! I misread the hanging snatch. I thought it was hanging cleans. 75# was no joke. And usually I use a red box AND a 45# plate on top for pistols but I didn’t have time to gather all of the equipment so I just grabbed a box and started. That was really challenging! much lower than with a 45# plate on top! But I did manage to get 17 HP Snatch over the 6 rounds.

My night ended with my first ever class as a Coach! (ok assistant coach is more like it) I got to help explain the OHS and then work with 3 guys as they ramped together. I also got to wrap up the mini WOD at the end and it was so much fun!! It was cool to realize I did learn a lot from my Level 1 Certification Course and I know how to communicate and help others with their fitness goals! I’m so excited to shadow again on Friday and hopefully start coaching on my own soon!


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