5/7/14 “Not Helen” and Powerlifting Practice and New Deadlift PR!

What a long day 🙂 Once again I decided it was best to get the WOD done at 6am so I would have enough time to rest/recover to be strong for Powerlifting in the evening. Waking up wasn’t easy but I did feel less groggy in general yesterday.

The WOD was another long one that was very similar to Helen but not quite:

5 Rounds for Time

400 m Run
12 Pull-Ups
12 KB Swing (70/53#) <– Rx weight but did Russian swings

It’s definitely not to my advantage when the class is full of morning people who enjoy running. I was slow but still held a good pace of a little over 4mins per round. My hands were really tender from Monday’s T2Bs still so I had to do pull ups one at a time. Despite my granny shuffle and single pull ups I finished in 21:54.

I went home and rested and surprisingly recovered quickly. More so than last week! Gives me hope since I think Powerlifting practice might get moved to 6am to accommodate to more lifters. Ugh. At least there won’t be running!

13 hours later I went back to the gym for Powerlifting. We started with bench and I was very pleased with my ending 142.5# single. I’ve been feeling kind of stuck at 135# lately so it was good to get into the 140s again. Then it was Deadlift time. Since I didn’t have my knee socks I tried something new – I used my knee sleeves inside out and upside down to cover my shins. It was actually really awesome because they were nice and thick so I could really drag the bar up and didn’t feel a thing! Thanks Deadlift Brah for the idea!

I had a great deadlift day! I hit a new PR!!!! I hit 330#!!! A 5# PR since the Equinox come just 1 month ago. It was by far the hardest deadlift I’ve ever done! It felt like I was barely moving! At one point I thought I wasn’t moving and I thought I was going to black out! But then I came back to and realized I was still inching up! So I just kept holding on until I hit full extension and put it back down! :D!!!! The video makes it look SO much easier than how it felt! SO stoked!!!! 😀


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