5/9/14 2014 Regionals Event 4 and Coaching Shadow

In the spirit of Regionals we had Event 4 scheduled for the WOD. I totally underestimated how tough this workout was! All I kept thinking about before the WOD was how to modify the HSPU and totally forgot how tough 125# front squats would be! I got my butt handed to me!

2014 Reg. Event 4
Strict Handstand-Pushups <– 2 ab mats and most kipping
Front Squats (195/ 125#) <– 115# for rounds 21 and 15
Bar Facing Burpees <– Rx

So here’s what happened. I started the 21 rep round and did strict HSPU with 2 ab mats. Then I moved to the bar and 115# was TOUGH! I got through those and then plugged away at the burpees. Those were my “rest” for once before I got back to the wall. I could only get a few strict HSPU before I moved to kipping. Even that was tough to convince myself to do at times. I got back to the bar and I really struggled. I started to feel my back getting tight holding my midline so tight from the HSPU and the front squats. I did the burpees and went back to the HSPU. Got through those and then picked up the bar – I knew immediately it wasn’t going to happen anymore. I did 1 squat and my back was just toast. I know my midline stability is a weaker part of my body and I didn’t realize how high volume this was going to actually be on my midline. I mean just the 21-15-9 rounds was 81 reps (since I didn’t do all of the squats) on my midline. So I cut out the front squats since even lowering the weight didn’t help. And then I went to pushups since I was just toasted by the 6 rep round. I finished approximately 21ish min. I remember looking at the clock but I totally blanked and forgot to write the time down.

I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t finish the WOD but I didn’t want my back to be sore again so close to my competition. This was also probably a red flag that I’m pushing a bit too hard lately and need to rest a little more. Message Received, body!

After class I helped shadow the 7pm class. It was even easier than Tuesday’s class because once people got going there really wasn’t much to do. I learned how to set the clock, start the music, and log in the scores for the day, too. So far I’m slated to coach on my own next Tuesday and Thursday. !!! So exciting!


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