5/15/14 Coaching Regionals WOD 7

I’m supposed to be resting yet it’s been tough watching everyone workout and not be able to participate. ­čśŽ Thankfully I at least got out of the house last night to coach! Got some human interaction and got another shot at Coaching Solo!!!

This time I wrote out a game plan. I had a piece of paper with things to remind me what to do/what to go through, mobility that worked well for the movements in the WOD, how to go through the movements, and scale options.

coaching sheet

This helped me stay organized and on task! It also helped the flow of the class and I think made for a better experience in general. So things no one tells you when you start coaching is how much planning coaches do BEFORE the workout to ensure a quality experience.

Since I had a better plan of attack I was better able to focus on the athletes and even snap a few pictures for the Facebook page. I had an absolute blast and I just love coaching!! I can’t wait until next week to coach again!

Some tips for new Coaches:

1. Review the WOD/warm up in advance!

2. Pick out a few quick/easy stretches for everyone to do to help their mobility with the WOD.

3. Break down the movements even if the class is intermediate/advanced because it’s always good to refresh good technique.

4. Have scales for injuries/ability limitations ready and if need be, demonstrate them.

5. Have the group work together whenever possible to create a community feel (i.e. cheer each other on, help each other clean up)

6. Stay energetic and positive! Your vibe oozes onto the athletes.

7. Make an effort to say goodbye to everyone.

I have to use a clipboard and sheet of paper with my coaches plan written down right now. At first I felt a little self conscious about using a clipboard but no one cares and if it helps me get the swing of things until coaching becomes second nature, then great! I might just be a coach who needs a paper every time. Who knows. But if you want to be a great coach, do what you need and so your clients/athletes get the best experience possible. ­čÖé


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