5/20/14 WOD and Coaching

My quads finally feel normal again! YAY!!! I don’t cringe whenever I sit down or stand up and I don’t dread stairs. I still didn’t really make a big leap in the WOD last night but I hit the goals I had for myself which was to work on technique with the snatch and hit 145# with my bench:

Snatch 1-1-1-1-1


Bench Press 1-1-1-1-1

AP: Mini-Metcon

For the Snatch I did attempt to work on my squat snatch. And I did much better than I have in the past squat snatching about 80#! Then the squats seemed to disappear when I got to 95#. I attempted 100# but it just didn’t happen. I think I rushed it.

Then I went to bench and ramped quickly to 145#. I hit it solidly once and would’ve hit it a second time had my spotter not dripped sweat on my face accidentally. :/ #gymproblems

We ended the WOD with an 8min AMRAP of hang power snatch, 8 push ups, and 8 sit ups. I didn’t complete the full 8 min because I had to get the 7pm class started on their warm up.

Coaching was kind of rushed last night. Fitting in a warm up, movement review/practice, 2 heavy lifts, and an after party meant I had to keep to a tight schedule. We got it all in but I felt like I was rushing everyone. I think everyone still had fun, though, and still got in a lot of work!

On a side note, I had my REAL physical with my primary care physician yesterday that I set up in like February. I almost canceled it but I’m so glad I didn’t. I got a note saying 160# is a healthy weight for me while I’m competing in Powerlifting and Crossfit BOOYA! I learned I need to get a blood pressure monitor for home so I can get an accurate reading since I get so nervous in the Dr’s office they can’t tell if I have high bp or not. And I learned I’m perfectly healthy! I have to go to Quest for a few blood samples/labs which I think I’ll try and see if they are open this weekend to knock out and she gave me a tetanus shot but otherwise I’m good to go! I cannot wait to hand my Dr’s note to WW!! Man it feels good to know I’m not overweight! Stupid BMI scales 😉


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